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Nick Smith is a highly regarded personal, well-established, Cambridgeshire based, professional coach. He is academically trained and qualified coach with significant experience. He is passionate about people and supporting them to be as good as they can be. Nick also loves public speaking, Nordic walking and practices mindfulness.

A positive coaching experience is guaranteed.

Being a highly qualified and experienced coach means you will receive a high standard of coaching throughout. In fact, he is so confident that he offers a money back guarantee for all the coaching he carries out. The conditions of the guarantee are covered in the coaching contract every client receives on their first coaching session.

Using the most appropriate coaching techniques and methodology, Nick will actively develop your full potential.

An empathetic listener and talented coach, Nick brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role inspiring confidence and trust in those with whom he works. Client testimonials pay tribute to his calm, perceptive nature as he encourages people to believe in themselves, ‘open up’ and ensure they get the best out of the coaching experience.

Calling on his extensive experience in business coaching, personal and also known as life coaching, executive and corporate coaching, combined with an honest and intuitive approach, Nick adapts seamlessly to any situation so the client(s) is comfortable and feels able to proceed at their own pace.

In this way, choosing from five major coaching models, Nick acts as a catalyst for change to enhance personal and business performance, working across a variety of sectors as an independent coach.

Nick believes ‘effective coaching enables the individual to identify and make the necessary changes in their life to achieve their goals…. it’s about giving people choice.’

Follow Nick’s journey to see how he can help you and your business


’‘As always, it was a real treat to spend time in Nick’s positive company – he should be prescribed by the NHS! It was good to get everything ‘out of my head’ and I really enjoyed the sessions.”

David G, M.D. Yorkshire.