A childhood goal

A childhood goal

When I was 11 years old, I decided that I wanted to get a bike. I knew exactly what I wanted, I wanted a five speed racing bike. I went into town with my parents and we went to a bike shop to have a look at some. I really enjoyed browsing through the bikes at the shop; the only problem was that they were too expensive for me.This included some second hand ones that the owner had, at the back of his shop. Feeling deflated after my visit to the shop, I went home and initially dismissed the idea of owning my own bike, as it just seemed out of my reach.

A couple of months later, I was lucky enough to get a paper round and my employer was very happy with me. The only problem I encountered was that I nearly missed the school bus on several occasions. Everyone else with a paper round, had their own bike; the problem was that I couldn’t afford to buy a bike yet. My employer had also realised that I was struggling with my round and he asked me why I didn’t build a bike from old bikes. I hadn’t thought about it before, I did like that idea, yet where would I start? Then I had some luck. My scout troop had a Jumble sale and in that Jumble sale, an old bike had been donated. It had the wrong handle bars on it, was slightly too big for me and yet I knew I would grow into it, so I bought it for. £1.70

The tyres and the brake blocks had perished; the chain was missing too. I bought new tyres and tubes and a new chain for my bike and a friend gave me a set of racing bike handle bars that his dad didn’t want anymore. I spent the next week in my spare time, putting on the racing handlebars, tyres and learning how not to puncture the new inner tubes. I attached the new brake blocks, back and front; I then found out on a test cycle that the brakes have to be attached and tightened correctly, as jumping off a bike before it crashes into a rapidly approaching wall at the bottom of a steep hill, can be a painful and humbling experience!

At last I had my bike, which was my goal, or was it really? Now, when I look back at that bike and how it changed my life, I see things differently. At the time I wanted a bike, because most of my friends had bikes.

The real goal, although I had never thought of it at the time, was that, when I had my own bike, I enjoyed the freedom it gave me; the freedom was everything! It meant my paper round was carried out quickly, and allowed me to take on a heavier Sunday paper round as well. I also learned that I liked tinkering with tools and mechanics and this gave me the confidence to go on to work on cars and become an aircraft engineer. Most importantly, it taught me that there is always more than one way to achieve a goal and always to ask the question, ‘Will my goal bring joy into my life?’

Good life coaching or business coaching can empower you to achieve worthwhile and meaningful goals.







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