Any day is as good as New Year’s day!

Any day is as good as New Year’s day!

Every new day starts with a blank canvas, new ideas and aspirations.

Every day gives us the opportunity to work towards something compelling and meaningful; each day allowing us to get a little closer to something we specifically and uniquely desire, something worthwhile, that will make a positive difference to us and those around us

As I walked a client out at the end of one of her coaching sessions, she pointed to her luxurious high value car “ That’s mine,” she said. I commented, “Lovely car” and mentioned that several studies have found that happiness in  buying a new car, only lasts about a month. She sighed and replied, “I know and that’s not important to me anymore; what is important is that when I walk towards my car I feel immensely proud of what I have achieved so far.”

I asked her if she believed in making any New Year’s resolutions. She replied, “Mine is to keep focused on my cardio vascular exercise, which I started doing in July 2014.” She paused and ended by saying, “I want to live a long time and enjoy the fruits of my labour and I want my family to enjoy them too.”

Just remember, there are 365 days in each year. Any one of those days is a good day to start the process of making the changes you want in your life and doing something different,  that will make you feel proud.

It also means that you don’t have to wait until next year to start something new, or to restart something that didn’t go to plan first time round!

Every day starts with a blank canvas – what you do with your canvas is up to you.

Wishing you a very healthy, fulfilling and prosperous 2017.

Posted by Nick Smith

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