With depression, there is always hope.

With depression, there is always hope.

Recovery from depression can seem to take a lifetime; depression strips you of the willpower and motivation required to move forward. It’s as if hope has been spirited away, imprisoned, stifled and out of reach. One day though, your internal reservoir of motivational energy, ignited by the emergence of a glimmer of hope, will assist your reservoir of emotional energy to slowly start flowing again.

At the beginning, this might be intermittent and as hope stirs and grows, there might also be a counterbalancing flicker of fear.  Initially, you may have to fight a battle between either believing, or doubting, that change and something better is possible. You begin  to trust that what you notice happening within you, with a positive thought being the first very small step, is your road to recovery. This can be a very difficult thing to do, because all of the negatives and positives seem to emulate from the same place within you.

Like lighting a fire, hope has to be fanned with positive thoughts that feed and sustain it. Now is the time to start making an effort to focus on small, good and positive things that you want for yourself; this will feed and develop your hope, to overcome any fears you may have. Be repetitive and think about it every day, in the morning and in the evening and also, any other time in between. Break down your plans for the future, into small bite sized chunks that you can manage.

This will allow you to start planning how you will get to that future. Be prepared to pick yourself up, every time you have a negative moment. Dismiss these negatives, by reminding yourself of the positive future you are planning and working towards. As your hope grows, so will your self-belief, sustained by the knowledge that you have a clear idea of how to get what you want; that your willpower will start to swell and become more resilient, as positive thoughts turn into positive actions. This is a journey that can give you the opportunity to share in the happiness and positives, that others have in their lives.

Share your experiences with someone you trust. Having someone to share what you are going through, even when only you know what that is, is essential. You are on a journey; you have gone downhill and now you are starting to climb back up the other side of the hill. Now, coaching comes into its own, as you move to the future. You may be on medication, or being treated by other professionals. Coaching is a great way of moving to the future and allowing yourself to explore a more healthy, meaningful and contented future.



Posted by Nick Smith

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