one for all and all for one

Corporate-CoachingThere is no doubt some people find it harder than others to accept ‘there is no I in team’… Together Everyone Achieves More.

Through a tailor-made coaching programme people can learn to work as part of a loyal group in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Obstacles can be resolved to enable the creation of an effectively-functioning and cohesive team, working collectively towards a common goal with confidence.

Using a variety of techniques, drawn up as part of an initial and sometimes wide-ranging ‘scoping’ process, individuals can be guided towards becoming more understanding and accepting of each other’s role. Strengths and weaknesses can be turned to advantage allowing the team to work together for the same end result, everyone’s contribution being seen as equal.

While more conventional team building activities go some way towards achieving this outcome, professional coaching adds an element of objective facilitation that cuts through pre-conceived ideas which could otherwise overwhelm the team and its purpose.


Nick says:

‘A team can be affected by change, conflict, ego and basic lack of understanding; coaching for personal confidence with a common communication platform for all, can overcome these obstacles to help create a strong and effective Team.’


Did you know

As well as face to face we can coach by telephone or via Skype. Online support is available throughout.