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Personal-CoachingNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking. It can be used to enhance personal confidence and self-belief through the ‘removal’ of out-of-date and unwanted beliefs, behaviours and habits.

These patterns of behaviour, acquired unknowingly through experience, can hold you back by limiting your ability to communicate, engage with others and ultimately achieve your goals.

NLP can empower people to make positive changes very quickly, helping them tap into their own resources, increase self-esteem and achieve their goals more effectively.

For those who are ready for change, NLP complements the coaching process by helping them make rapid and positive changes to their way of thinking which can bring benefits to both personal and professional life. It is sometimes integrated into other therapies for a combined approach.


Nick says:

‘NLP helps educate people about the importance of self-awareness and effective communication by changing their patterns of mental and emotional behaviour.’


Did you know

As well as face to face we can coach by telephone or via Skype. Online support is available throughout.