feel more in control

ResilienceOur stress management and resilience training programme, called Mind Chi, is ideal for individuals or groups and teams. Workshops can be planned to suit the circumstances and measurable results have been shown to have a dramatic effect.

Stress-related absenteeism is rising as employees feel over-worked and under-valued.

Our workshops are designed to assist the individual to manage their own stress levels through simple coping strategies. Empowering them in this way gives them back the control they feel has been lost, and therefore better able to influence the situation that may be causing the stress.

Mind Chi is a powerful tool, a simple mind-control technique to be learned and carried out for just eight minutes every day. Practitioners can feel mentally and physically re-energised while employers report increased engagement and productivity. There are three programmes:

Basic: For enhanced personal resilience to everyday life. Resilience and stress levels are measured at the end of the training

Applied: This involves designing short-term goals to improve personal and professional performance

Vision: Developed by Nick to reinforce previous learning and help achieve long-term goals

Mind Chi gradually increases tolerance levels, develops resilience and builds personal confidence that brings noticeable knock-on effects at work and at home.


Nick says:

‘As one of just three qualified Mind Chi mentors in the UK I have seen the effects and positive outcomes of this simple technique which has specific and measurable goals…it has to be seen to be believed!’


Did you know

As well as face to face we can coach by telephone or via Skype. Online support is available throughout.