TestimonialsJoining one of our workshops or taking part in one of our tailor-made programmes is the first step in making changes to your personal or professional life. Small changes can make a big difference and we love to get feedback on how The Achievement Coach has helped you to enhance or improve your circumstances.

It is very rewarding to hear about your progress and thank you to those who have shared their experiences. Please send us an email or give us a call on 01733 253472 with an update and don’t forget, we are always here if you require additional support.


Personality Profiling

‘The session was very thought-provoking and insightful and the Clarity 4D profile has given me a lot of additional self-knowledge. This has all been very helpful and I intend to arrange another session with you in the near future.’


Progress to date: M used what they had learned to make career decisions. Instead of changing jobs, they stayed in the role and mapped out a career plan, a process that is ongoing.

Personal Consulting

‘I highly recommend Nick as a life coach; I have been coached for almost one year now and it has been a true investment in my life.   There are two main reasons I am very glad I chose Nick. Firstly you can be coached about anything; it’s not just about work or relationships. We have also covered finances, parents, retirement, holidays, exercise, free time and even chocolate! Secondly I believe Nick knows his craft, you get tremendous value for money with the variety of tools that he has to help move you forward.

Jill, public sector senior manager

‘I have had a dream since I was seven years old, I am now 43 and if it had not been for a chance meeting with Nick and the opportunity to be coached by him, I don’t think I would have made my dream come true. He made me realise I had the answer of how to make my dream a reality. It was staring me in the face and I never saw it. I have now bought the land by the sea and the building work starts on my restaurant in 2007. And yes, I am still walking for an hour, three mornings a week.’

Pauline C

‘Man, do I need a lot of work and you’ve been brilliant with me so far. I have learned some things about myself during this and as I arrange future sessions these lessons will be beneficial. My health is vastly improved and life is otherwise hectic but good.’


‘Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to come to my home and help me, when you didn’t even know me. I much appreciated the visit. It was good to go back to work with anxiety so much reduced. This term has been so much better for me.’


Progress update: Teacher Kathy is now back at work full time

‘I read recently that life coaches are now more popular than personal trainers. They are certainly perceived as part of an upmarket, glamorous lifestyle which I thought were only the province of stereotypical wealthy, career women I sometimes read about in magazines. I was wrong. Over the past six weeks I have done more to improve the neglected areas of my life than I have for years. As a result my life has a balance that was previously lacking and I have a clearer idea of where I am going in my life and what is best for me.’

Lisa L

Progress to date: Since then Lisa has had two promotions and has re-married. As a couple they now put time aside for personal interests which was lacking prior to this coaching.

‘I employed Nick’s skills as a career coach, helping me prepare for an up and coming interview. He took the lead, setting goals and pushing me to prepare, being incredibly flexible and responsive to the needs of the situation. Nick met me on successive days helping me prepare for my interview and presentation. He made me think about how I would present myself, and understand the value I could give my potential employer. This helped hugely to develop my confidence and gave me the edge for the interview, after which I was offered the job. I have no hesitation in recommending Nick who is highly professional; his attitude and confidence are contagious.’

Phil H

Progress to date: Phil has since moved to another company, this has opened up a progressive career path for him.

‘As always, a real treat to spend time in your positive company, you should be prescribed by the NHS! I just love the way you make my mind focus. Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement.’

David Gannon, Yorkshire

Executive Coaching

‘I have set life and business goals and now know what I want. I used to doubt myself which affected my self-confidence. My lack of self-belief and confidence affected my work and personal relationships. Nick has worked through my self-doubt and effectively removed it. We also worked on time management and presentation skills. It was great to have someone to whom I could talk and bounce off ideas without being judged. I was expected to be committed to move on and change and was challenged on every session.’

Sharon, Marketing Manager

Progress to date: Sharon is now playing to her key strengths and has a key role within a marketing team, doing what she loves.

‘With Nick’s assistance I have been able to restructure my chaotic one-woman consultancy onto a more business like footing, with capacity for growth. This has been reflected in my bottom line, a 55% increase in profit in one year, and advance orders up to one year ahead. Nick’s approach suits me very well. He listens carefully, and makes thoughtful and insightful suggestions. He is gently persistent and challenging. Best of all, there is no jargon!’

Shirley J Hallam, Clinical Research Consultant and GCP Auditor

‘I was promoted from the shop floor after 16 years producing high quality wood products. I was promoted and given the task of managing the workshop and workforce; I had no qualifications and no idea where to start. It affected my health, my self-esteem and I was planning to leave. Nick was brought in to work with me. From week one I started to look at my situation in a different way. I am now confident in all areas of the workshop and in my people management skills. The standards of work have gone up; productivity is good. I look after our apprentices and their training, health and safety and have the confidence to deal effectively with customers. I feel good about my future and I am enjoying myself.’

Martin Hefford, production director

‘Thank you so much for your work with me since August. It has been truly enlightening and I now have not only a path, but a fantastic set of tools to use along the way.’

D.S. operations director

‘Thank you for helping me to first visualise and then accurately define my business goals. Your business coaching has crystallised and confirmed the main reasons for my own personal goals and business goals. I found the process stimulating and interesting and that you, as a friend of my company, have asked difficult but relevant questions.’

Stephen Smith, managing director Sphere Risk Health & Safety Management

‘It’s been a year since my last coaching session with you and I would like to thank you for providing a thoroughly professional coaching service to me and my business over the previous three years. You listened, you challenged and you believed in me and in response to this, my business and I have gone from strength to strength. I now have a great framework for the future with measurable success to add to personally and in my business. I now know where I am going and how I am going to get there. I am in the position now that I wanted to be in and thanks to you Nick; my future is looking very bright indeed. I will be in touch soon regarding more goals.’


Progress update: J’s quality of life has changed for the better in many ways, his business is more profitable for less effort and he has gone back to cycling and running which he loves. He is exploring the possibility of starting another business and is now more optimistic than he has been for a long time.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

‘Thank you for helping me to cope with my snake phobia. After only one session I am now able to type the word and look at pictures which is a huge improvement for me! I feel more positive about dealing with situations which would previously have been unthinkable. You have helped me to look upon things in a new light, and hopefully I will now be able to broaden my travel experiences’

Bridget Seymour, Peterborough

Progress update: Bridget now doesn’t mind snakes and is planning to go to Florida on holiday, something she would never have previously contemplated.

Corporate Coaching

‘In the material world that we live in today where everyone is obsessed with ‘things’ and a belief they will make you happy and improve your life, I found it extremely refreshing to address and acknowledge the positives in our life. Be it good health, great friends, a loving family and more. These qualities are overlooked by most today and I found that to be a revelation.’

Team member, financial services

‘I would encourage all members of my team, and all my friends to go on this course. I was at a really low ebb when I began, having just returned from a two-week period of being off sick, due to work-related stress. The course was extremely timely for me, I feel much better than I did, and I am absolutely positive that I have benefited greatly. I would even go as far as to say this should be a standard/mandatory course for employees.’

Team member, financial services

Resilience and Mindfulness Workshops

‘I don’t worry as much as I used to thanks to Nick’s techniques which ensure I stay calm and don’t worry as much about things I can’t change or not worth worrying about.’


‘I have always been somewhat sceptical about meditation and other ‘esoteric’ ideas. I very much believe in the power of positive thinking, and always thought that was enough to propel me as far forward as I wanted to go in life. However, Mind Chi has been, and continues to be, a revelation. Since I started Mind Chi Basic, I have found that I am more focused, have more energy and that I have many more ideas about how to promote and develop myself and my business. I haven’t even really started with Mind Chi Applied yet, but I can see this concept making a positive difference to how I live the rest of my life.’

G Frost

‘Mind Chi has really helped me gain some control of my life, developing a workable structure and routine which allows me to realise how positive my life is and highlight areas I wish to improve. Mind Chi has improved my performance at work, allowed me to develop better relationships and be more productive but most importantly it’s allowed me to improve my perception of how good my life really is. Basically I feel Mind Chi draws on all the best parts of other self-development strategies and pulls them into one easily understandable and workable format. I’d recommend anyone to give it a try.’

Simon, Design Engineer, UK Manufacturing

‘Mind Chi has definitely made a difference and I appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm which was infectious. I am sorry if I seemed stressed at times. This one hour session is the first evening I have been able to commit for many years and still it proved challenging to be able to get to the class. This in itself told me something about myself and my life, which was very useful! I will be continuing with the Mind Chi.’