Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Once, there was a group of travellers, some walking and some on horseback, who travelled across a vast plain. The sun was out and the travellers could see their future destination, further out on the horizon in the distance.

As they came over an incline, the group of travellers were met by a steep, very deep sided canyon, which seemed to stretch out on both directions as far as the eye could see. Initially the group were in awe and were silent; it was so quiet, it was deafening.

Then one of the group asked, ‘What shall we do now’? After a return to silence, the words spoken were ‘Go back, we will have to go back to where we came from’. In front of them was their final destination and where they hoped their future lay. For some, self-doubt was setting in; for others shock, numbness and disbelief were apparent for all to see. There were also some who were looking in both directions, for evidence of a track or route to circumnavigate their obstacle.

That evening despair fell among the group of travellers, even though the big sky in the direction of their future dreams, presented them with a most beautiful sunset.

Questions were muttered: Why did no one warn us? How have others managed to get to where we are going? What do we do now?

The next morning, as dawn broke and eyes met, some were searching for the answers in the eyes of others, especially those who believed that there would a way.

For a week, the group searched for a route and for definite answers. None came and many became despondent, with retorts of, “I knew it was impossible” and “We have to go back as there isn’t any other way.”

Days earlier, two of the group had decided to go it alone, believing firmly there would be way to get to the other side and on to their destination.

On the eighth day, just as the remaining members of the group were preparing to go back to where they had started, a horseman cantered by. One of the group shouted, “Where have you come from?” The horseman replied, “Over there,” pointing in the direction of the group’s original destination. “How did you get here?” he was asked and he replied, “There are many routes on both sides that lead into and out of the canyon”.

He went on to say that he had passed two people coming out of the canyon, on the other side, heading from where he had come from.

If you were in this group, what would you decide to do now? Being coached means identifying a compelling and meaningful goal to focus on, doesn’t it?

‘In the end, we all make decisions and those decisions, decide who we will become.’ Nick Smith



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